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Explore our wonderful Cretan mountain and water world alone by yourself or with an experienced tour guide. Our adventure tours- independent if you will go by feet, bike or boat always offer a wonderful possibility to get in touch with the marvelous Cretan nature: the intense herb smell, the wonderful colours and the special light of our landscapes.

We give our best to find special places and routes for you so that you may experience an unforgettable and enjoyable holiday event.

We offer you the transfer for a wide range of mountain and sea excursions. We will organize your pick- up and delivery service according to your personal route preferences and time schedules.

Guided tour: Mt. Pachnes – White Mountains

Transfer tour: Samaria gorge

Transfer tours: Imbros, Kallikratis, Asfendou, Aradena

Bus guided mountainbiking tours

Water sports activities


Our Samaria Gorge is a famous National Park Resort of Greece and located in southwest Crete. With its length of 18 km (trekking length 16 km) it is the longest and most impressing gorge of Europe, enriched with a rare and wonderful biosphere of wildflowers, herbs and animals. With a bit of luck you can observe the Cretan wild goat Kri-Kri or different species of eagles.

We will bring you early in the morning directly to the gorge entrance in Omalos at an altitude of 1250 meters where you can take a breakfast stop at the small gorge canteen. The trekking route on well prepared and morning shaded paths takes about 5 to 7 hours down to Agia Roumeli at the coast – depending on your personal condition and preferred walking speed. After catching the ferry at Agia Roumeli in the afternoon we will await you directly at the ferry exit in Chora Sfakion for driving you back to your accommodation.

The driving duration from Frangokastello to Omalos (gorge entrance) is about 2 ½ hours. Your way back from Chora Sfakion to Frangokastello takes 15 minutes.

For dates, time schedules and prices just call or write us an email.


Mount Pachnes is the highest peak of the Lefka Ori- White Mountains at an altitude of 2453 meters/8048 ft. Cause of its uncountable and stunning summit pinnacles you could name him as well “Himalaya of South Crete”.

We will bring you with our pickup directly to the highest possible starter point from where we will need about 1 ½ -2 hours trekking time to reach the peak cross at the height of 2453 meters. Once arrived there you will be gifted with a wonderful and unforgettable mountain view as well as a round view over the Aegean and Cretan Sea.

Our experienced mountain guide will support you during the whole transfer and trekking summit. Stops for eating or coffee are provided.

The driving duration from Frangokastello to the summit starter point in the White Mountains is about 2 hours 30 minutes.

For dates, time schedules and prices just call or write us an email.


Meet as well several, beautiful but smaller gorges which are located all in the area of Frangokastello. Most of them are ideal as well for family trekking and promise you an easy and enjoyable family event.

We will bring you to the destinated gorge entrance and pick you up again at the exit right in time-whenever you wish. We try to operate our gorge transfer service flexible according to your personal needs. That includes that you can call us by mobile for your way back transfer at any time you finished your gorge experience.

Imbros gorge: an easy romantic trekking gorge, partly shaded, starting at the village of Imbros with a walking time around 2 ½ hours. The driving duration from Frangokastello to the starter point at Imbros is about 30 minutes. The pickup at the end of the gorge in Komitades and transfer back to Frangokastello needs about 7 minutes.

Kallikratis gorge: Kallikratis gorge as a part of the E4 is a narrow and bit more steep trekking gorge, shaded in the morning hours, with a walking time of 2 1/2 hours. The driving duration from Frangokastello to the starter point near Kallikratis is 20 minutes and for your pick up from the gorge end near Kapsodassos and back to Frangokastello we need about 5 minutes.

Asfendou gorge: an easy walkable wide- spread trekking path, mostly nonshaded with a walking time of 2 1/2 hours. Driving duration to Asfendou gorge entrance: 30 minutes. Pick up at the gorge end at Agios Nektarios and drive back to Frangokastello needs about 5 minutes.

Aradena gorge: the Aradena gorge starts at the famous gorge bridge of Anopoli and needs cause of its different challenges a bit of trekking experience. It contains as well climbing parts over rocks. At the end you are gifted with a wonderful sea bath at the Marmora beach from where you can take private boats back to Sfakia. Or you go on following the trail to the romantic village of Loutro where you take the ferry to Chora Sfakion. The walking time from Aradena gorge entrance to Marmora beach is about 3 hours depending on your pauses. From Marmora beach to Loutro about 1 hour.

The driving duration from Frangokastello to the Aradena gorge bridge is about 1 hour and your backway transfer from the ferry end in Sfakia to Frangokastello needs 15 minutes.

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We offer bus guided mountainbiking tours to explore our wonderful mountains, alps and gorges by bike. With our 9seater VW bus we carry you high up, support you with bikes and helmets and will guide your tour constantly. We will give our best to adjust to your personal route wishes and individuell power levels and skills. Whoever wants to rest, simply jumps in our bus and enjoys the drive in that way.

Our main routes are

-Anopoli-Frangokastello, biking tour duration: 3-4 hours

-Kallikratis- Asfendou- Imbros- Frangokastello, biking duration: 3-4 hours

For more impressions visit as well our facebook page Mountainbiking Frangokastello.


At our state licensed Tourist Agency we offer you the counceling and booking for a variety of watersport events like:

- kayaking and paddling with an experienced guide

- beach hopping

- scuba diving

- private boat rent

- Gavdos tours

Feel free to drop in our Bourgia shop, phone or write us an email for further informations.


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